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Hey everyone - I want to apologize for some delays. I've been going through crazily frustrating prodromal (start and stop) early labor for a couple of weeks now. But it never continues! It's gotten me to the point that I feel like I'm going to lose my mind (contractions waking me up all night long and then continuing every 4 minutes for the first half of the day...only to peter out. Or starting in the day and continuing for *36 hours*...all for nought).

I HAVE been working again, a lot, though, for the past two days. I should have boxcarbecca's order and zoeparker's orders finished soon, so that I can get evrydayjnglbtch's and jillene's first doll done.

Basically I've decided I'm not paying any attention to any pain that isn't debilitating, and I'll pretend all is normal until there is a head crowning :p Overdue Shmoverdue and all that.
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