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tina long-winded marie

So...it's been forever since anyone posted in here, but I wanted to say a few things.

1. I mailed out several orders in December and January. If anyone has pictures of their kids modeling/playing with anything, or just shots of their stuff, I would love to see. It can be emailed if you don't want to share with the world (altarflame at yahoo) or you can post in the comments, or in a new post. I'm especially wondering how longies are fitting kids, since I've never seen them on anyone but my own.

2. I have a refund pending for evrydayjnglbtch and am going to send ididntso's shorts, with or without the hat, this week. Because it's just been ridiculous, how long she's waited. I'm sorry Becca...I really, really underestimated how much my time management was going to change when Jake was born, and how my motivation was going to fly out the window :/

3. I am "open" for doll orders. They seem to be the only thing I enjoy making and/or can crack out in a reasonable about of time, so for now, they are it. Other than one order for 3 that I'll be making as an Easter present for someone, I've got nothing going on. So if you want a doll, this is the time.

From Ash Wednesday (March 1) until Easter, I'm only going to be online on Sundays. So I will be reachable by email...if you can wait until Sundays ;)

And, I wanted to share some woodland fairies I made for my oldest two kids, Ananda and Aaron :)

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