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For SALE! (This makes me hear bad auctioneer music played on a banjo...)

I've been working like a maniac this past week and have some things ready.

This little girl is regular sized for my dolls - about 6 1/2 inches tall, that is - it's just the mermaids are bigger, so she looks small in the group shot. She's my normal "fairy price", which is $25 + shipping.

The mermaids are $30, because they're larger and also they take more time. I'm still working on my fin design, so each of these is a little different, but I like them all and will probably continue to do them in a variety of ways. Each of them IS symmetrical at the bottom, I was just trying to hurry and take pictures before it rained and didn't think to straighten everything out correctly.

This ones fins are actually a slightly deeper blue than the camera picked up.

To Whom It May Concern: All doll bodies are made and stuffed with 100% merino wool yarn. This fairy's dress and wings are a pre-dyed wool and nylon blend yarn. The first mermaid's fins are 100% merino wool that I dip dyed with blueberries and kool-aid, and the green fins are pre-dyed 85% wool, 15% acrylic. The neon green top is merino I dyed with kool-aid. The brown hair is a nylon boucle. All other yarns shown (tops, hair, dark blue fins) are lion brand homespun, which is all acrylic. I can do anything out of completely natural materials if you do a custom request (no extra charges). I throw the homespun in because, well, it's just so pretty. I also do requests with my own choices of yarn, when someone just asks to have fairies made with their own children's hair length/style/color and skin tone, as featured in the previous post.

I'm always happy to combine shipping and can ship immediately as we have finally invested in a postage scale and just have the mailman pick up the packages, now.
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