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tina long-winded marie

For Sale :)

These were an order that was never finalized. I am in need of money and would be thrilled if anyone wants them.

I present to you - extra large wool shorts; waist is knit, stretchy and 18" unstretched. There is a drawstring. Hips are 28", body and trim is crocheted. The inseam is 4 1/2". They are made of 100% Treliske organic New Zealand merino wool, purchased in natural. The blue part is an original color that I handdyed using blueberries and food coloring. My diaper covers have a seam on the butt - you can see examples of the fit on my kids in longies I've made here, here, and here.

My 2 1/2 year old fits in these (we tried them on briefly, they are still unlanolized), and he is somewhat petite - but they are kind of baggy on him. A more solid kid would fill them out better, or maybe you are one who likes them roomy.

My husband took these and I don't think they do them justice (I always fuss around to make them look exactly symmetrical and perfect), but hey -

I'm asking $45 ppd, and willing to ship first thing Monday morning. If I had the order in time I could hand them to the mailman tomorrow since we're finally set up with a postage scale, but Monday (with priority and delivery confirmation) at the latest :) Or, if you'd like them to come to you lanolized (and smelling of peppermint) I could mail them Tuesday/Wednesday depending on drying speed.

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