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The Textile Junkie

Unique and Handmade Children's Things

Crochet and knits by altarflame
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I was going to open a webstore for my crafts, but then I started getting custom orders faster than my hands could work! Now it seems like there's little point to trying to have an in-stock store. So this community is to showcase the things I'm making and selling, thereby providing a gallery for you to look at my stuff before you decide it's worth your money - and, also, for me to keep track of orders and let you know when your things are shipping.

Feel free to post your questions about cloth diapers, how wool works as a cover, fiber contents, waldorf style toys, or anything else you're curious about - and your requests/price inquiries/etc. I do have to buy supplies and put in the time to make things, but I also want to keep prices low enough that people can afford to buy things :)

I try to buy organic and fair trade materials, though I also have lots of artificial fiber stuff left over from my less crunchy days ;). One thing I love to do is hand dye untreated wool yarn with tea, vegetables, roots and kool-aid. Let me know any preferences you have!