tina long-winded marie (altarflame) wrote in textile_junkie,
tina long-winded marie

Some picture updates on a couple of orders...

Yarn for Becca, Version 2.0 - I hope you like it! I'm happy with how it turned out this time...

The top shot is a little muddier than they really are - it is semi variegated, but the purple-ish spots are a little more purple than that, and there is more blue be far than anything else...are you ok with the whole pair of pants looking the same? Or would you rather have natural waist and ankle cuffs? It's absolutely no trouble either way, I was thinking it might look better with the contrasting trim. I was ALSO thinking of using some of the natural to put snowflakes on the blue with, and some of the blue to put blue snowflakes on the white parts...let me know what you think/want :)

And Olivia, this is your sushi...

6 California Rolls, and a shrimp, salmon and egg nigri :) You can see it bigger by clicking here. The rolls come apart and can be reassembled.
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