tina long-winded marie (altarflame) wrote in textile_junkie,
tina long-winded marie

Open for Customs

Hey everybody :) I'm opening for custom orders again, what with my kids' birthday crafts all done with.

If you are interested in one or more dolls (fairy, mermaid or witch/wizard is fine), a hat, or sushi, comment. I anticipate you'll have 1-2 dolls within a week or a hat within a week, sushi within 2 weeks.

Dolls are $25
Basic beanie style hats are $15 - if you want something fancier, we'll talk about it.
sushi (full set with several of a couple of kinds, comes to you in a chinese takeout food box with chopsticks) is $30

All prices include shipping, first come first served, and I'm not liable for any injuries you suffer running to your mailbox frantically when you see a package sticking out of it.
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